Allimed Garlic Supplement Capsules - 200 ct.

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Allimed Capsules (200 count)

Allimed – is a garlic supplement made with Allisure, the best stabilized allicin extract.  Allimed is our strongest allicin product!  Each vegi-cap is 450 mg in size and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. You will receive 2 - 100 count bottles of Allimed when ordered!

  • 1-3 Capsules per day (Adults);
  • 1 Capsule per day (Children, 4 years or older); or
  • as directed by your health care professional.

Allicin is created when the alliinase enzyme in garlic interacts with alliin causing a chemical reaction that produces allicin; garlic’s biting taste and aroma is also the result of this process.  The resultant compound is inherently unstable and will quickly degrades into various sulfur-containing compounds.  Our Allimed contains stabilized bioabsorbable allicin that will survive the digestive process to become available when most capable of being absorbed by the body.

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This was the best price that I found on Allimed from an authorized seller. Beware of knockoffs that are for sale online and buy only from the manufacturer's authorized resellers. Also do not be fooled into buying a garlic supplement; a garlic supplement is not allicin. My one complaint is shipping: Allimed has to be kept refrigerated and my bottles arrived with a tiny ice pack that was completely warm. I surely hope that the efficacy of this very expensive supplement was not ruined. I am taking this product per Dr. Siebecker's protocol for SIBO: Allicin 1 capsule 4x a day plus Neem 1 capsule 4x a day for 30-days. Allicin is the herbal equivalent to the prescription antibiotic Rifaximin. Two rounds of Rifaximin did not work for me. The Allicin and Neem along with homemade raw milk kefir and special diet (soft easy to digest foods, total elimination of gluten and sugar and dairy, etc) seems to have me headed in the right direction. I suggest that people follow the protocol of the 4 Rs of Gut Healing: Remove, Replace, Repair, Reinoculate. Google it! I also suggest getting involved with SIBO support groups on Facebook. I learn more from patients than I do from doctors. Good luck.
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